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Finally prepare for release of version 0.18.0

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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ V 0.18.0:
- Added CLI tools for adding multi-episodes and excludes
- Implemented toktokkie-supercut tool
- Implemented manga, light novel and visual novel support
- Renamer now supports renaming titles
- Renamer now supports renaming titles for series with anilist IDs
V 0.17.0:
- Added verification mechanisms
- Added unit tests for metadata and verification
......@@ -15,20 +15,23 @@ Currently, the following media types are supported:
- Book Series
- Movie
- TV Series
- Manga
- Visual Novels
## Structure
The metadata for a Media directory is stored inside the ```.meta```
subdirectory in a file called ```info.json```. Additionally, folder icons may
be stored in ```.meta/icons```.
be stored in ```.meta/icons```. Depending on the metadata type, additional
special folder may exist.
## Generating and modifying metadata
To generate metadata for a media directory, use the
```toktokkie-metadata-gen``` script.
To generate metadata for a media directory, run
```toktokkie metadata-gen <media_type> <directories...>```
To modify the metadata afterwards, you can use the
```toktokkie-metadata-add``` script.
Metadata can be modified using a text editor or the ```toktokkie metadata-add```
## Further Information
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