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# Contributing to gitlab-cloner
## Copyright and Management
The original author, Hermann Krumrey, has the absolute authority on the management
of this project and may steer the development process as he sees fit.
Contributions will be attributed to the author of said code and the copyright will
remain the author's.
## Coding guidelines
As this is a simple script, unit tests are not required. Tests are done in the
way of automated gitlab builds.
We feel that a unified coding style is important, which is why we require a linter to
be used. In this case **pep8** is used. Code must pass pep8's default tests.
The script should be annotated using docstrings and comments where applicable
## Contributing
All active development is done on a [self-hosted Gitlab server](
To contribute, send an email to to create an account. Once you have an
account, you may issue a merge or pull request.
Using the Gitlab issue tracker is preferred, but the issues on Github are also
taken into consideration.
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